Our massage courses are 1-2 weeks of intensive practical learning.

Each day of the course will begin with a brief discussion about theoretical knowledge of how to be the best massage therapist you are capable of becoming. Topics include massage codes of conduct, professionalism, hygiene, contraindications, use of essential oils, setting up your own business, different massage modalities etc., followed by its practical application. The instructor will then give a massage demonstration on various techniques. During this time your instructor will also give you tips on how to use different parts of your own body, regardless if you have a large or small frame, in order to save your hands from exhaustion and to be effective in using correct pressure. Shortly after the students will form pairs to practice on one another, each time switching partners so that they will have the opportunity to work on everyone in the class. This will help students get a better understanding of how one technique must to be adapted to suit the needs, body type and pressure preference of each individual.

This hands-on approach to learning massage allows the students to provide and receive individual feedback from each other, and to understand how it feels to have the massage techniques done to them. The instructor will also observe and correct all students to make necessary improvements for accelerated competency in Raynor Massage.

Available Courses

We offer the following massage courses:

Raynor Massage Certificate Course

Raynor Massage Diploma Course